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What AfricaOnBoard Can Offer Recruiters

AoB provides recruiters with a unique, superb platform which can supplement their own Board talent search efforts. Create more opportunity to source an select the best available candidates, wherever they may be in the world!


Get excellent Board talent to find you, quicker and easier.  Sign up today for either a 1, 2 or 3 Board Vacancy Listing package. The more you buy, the more you save.

One Listing


Listing Duration: 30 days.

60 days access to your account.

*Price Includes VAT

*Prices do not include VAT if company is based outside of Canada

Two Listings


Listing Duration: 30 days per role.

75 days access to your account.

*Price Includes VAT

*Prices do not include VAT if company is based outside of Canada

Three Listings


Listing Duration: 30 days per role.

90 days access to your account.

*Price Includes VAT

*Prices do not include VAT if company is based outside of Canada

Benefits for Recruiters

Exposure to a limitless target audience

Source potentially suitable candidates from anywhere, anytime

Opportunity Alerts

Free service provided to potentially suitable candidates in AoB exponentially growing database

Total discretion guaranteed

Absolute privacy and confidentiality in your ongoing interactions with the AoB platform, at all times

Convenience factor

AoB simplifies your =search activity, making your search efforts simpler, better, faster

Economically priced

True value for money, considering the competitive pricing via-a-vis other recruiting channels available

Our Vacancy listing Offering to Recruiters

This is the same offering as the Basic offering available to Corporates. The other Products offered to Corporates can be discussed if requested.

Personalized access code to your own online assignment account file, guaranteeing you privacy and confidentiality throughout your entire interaction with candidates and AoB alike

Pricing options for 1, 2 or 3 listing purchased simultaneously

4-week listing duration; further week or two-week listing extension periods if so requested to tag on to original order

For 28-day listing, 60 days’ access to your private online assignment account file

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