Connecting African Board Talent with Significant Pan-African Board Opportunities

Are you an Applicant seeking interesting Pan-African Board opportunities?
Or are you a Corporate based in Africa looking for exceptional Board members/advisors?

What We Do

We’re all about enhancing and optimizing African board composition and structuring. As a Corporate Client of ours, your organization could at some point be looking for exceptional African board members, advisors and/or trustees; such board talent could literally be residing anywhere in the world. On the other side, you as an individual could be that exceptional talent seeking board/advisory opportunities, many of which you might never be exposed to without referencing a platform of this kind.

Welcome to AfricaOnBoard (“AoB”), the premier Pan-African platform specifically created to connect the two… in a way which is not at all limited by the geographical dispersion of excellent African board talent. The AoB platform caters for both parties: whether you are an accomplished applicant seeking board positions or a company searching for exceptional board members, AoB is right platform to facilitate meaningful connections.

Our Mission

At AoB, our mission is to assist applicants achieve their board career aspirations and secure desired board positions. Applicants no longer have to wait for opportunities to come their way. AoB allows them to “see and be seen”, and position themselves to be found; this is by simplifying the process of accessing board positions which are a perfect fit for themselves, to make it simpler, better, faster.

Our user-friendly platform is designed to enable you to easily search and apply for open positions, exposing you to whichever companies may just need you someone like you. Companies which use the AoB platform include listed and unlisted companies, small- to mid-cap size companies, start-ups, NGO/NPO entities, foundations and educational/academic institutions. 

Throughout your interactions with us, we strive to provide you with personalized support in your quest to find appropriate board opportunities for yourself. 

What Makes The AfricaOnBoard Platform Unique?

Total Discretion

Guaranteed privacy and confidentiality in every engagement

Personalised Attention

Trained recruitment specialists are on hand to ensure the highest levels of professionalism in your engagement with the platform

Value for Money

A considerably more economical recruitment approach compared to traditional sourcing methods

Realtime Updates

Users get realtime updates during the engagement processes with the platform, ensuring you are always kept abreast of developments

Borderless Exposure

No restrictions or limitations on your level of exposure to opportunities, in your preferred industry or country

No Restrictions on Corporate Profiling

The platform hosts all different sizes/types of organisations

Benefits For Applicants

Total discretion guaranteed: absolute privacy and confidentiality in your ongoing interactions with the AoB platform, at all times

Personalised interaction with AoB client relationship staff

Unlimited, immediate exposure to board opportunities you might otherwise never have been exposed to, in your own board opportunity searches

Where you are located globally is no longer potentially a limiting factor: Where you are located in the world automatically becomes a reduced factor of significance to your candidacy

Opportunity ‘Alerts’ for opportunities which likely fit your profile and/or preferences

Host of Value-Added Services available, at your disposal: psychometric testing; Personal branding and profiling; exposure to professional coaches/mentors; (preferential) access to significant events/conferences/seminars provided by AoB partners

Explore limitless Board opportunities

Benefits For Corporates

Total discretion guaranteed: absolute privacy and confidentiality in your ongoing interactions with the AoB platform, at all times

Personalised interaction, affording you Customized Solutions: Every business is unique, and therefore strive to ensure we tailor a specified solution to meet your specific board recruitment needs. Whether you require assistance with a single or multiple board vacancies, or assistance with developing and implementing a comprehensive board-building strategy, AoB has the expertise to deliver results

Hassle-free delivery: AoB handles all the executional aspects leading to the delivery of results: pre-planning; the A-Z of response handling requirements; realtime updating (online access) during assignment execution, professional presentation of results, etc

Host of Value-Added Services available, at your disposal: psychometric testing; references and checks (qualification verification, criminal checks, work/previous board experience references, etc)

Exposure to a limitless target audience: AoB can search as far and wide as you deem sufficient for your needs

Client (employer) is in total control of the engagement process at all times: you are able to amend/alter/tweak, etc your interactions with AoB to enhance your engagement and ability to source best candidates

Find the right Board Talent you need, the first time around

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